Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen, chronologisch

Complete Joe Meek recordings by order of chronology

undatiert / undated


  • Plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu Joe Meeks Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben und keinem Datum zugeordnet werden können;
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige undatierte Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "T-Chest-Tapes").
  • Finished recordings which have not been released within Joe Meek's lifetime and can't be assigned to a date;
  • Demos, not finished and other undated recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").


Artist Title Label Composer
Adams, Dave & Outlaws Telstar Demo, 2nd stage (***) M
Adams, Dave & Tornados I Lost My Heart At The Fairground (***)    
Athenians Bouzoukis nv
Bennett, Cliff & Rebel Rousers Try Once More nv  
Bystanders She Comforts My Sorrow nv
Carson, Chad A Fool In Love nv M
Carson, Chad Jesse James nv
Checkmates Interpol nv  
Collins, Glenda This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' nv
Cox, Michael Funny Man nv  
Cox, Michael I Can't Make Up My Mind nv M
Cryin' Shames Feels Like Loving nv  
Cryin' Shames Let Me In nv
Dauphine Street Six On A Hillside nv G
Dauphine Street Six Shenandoah nv trad, arr. G/M
Davis, Billie Don't You Knock On My Door nv M
Dean, Alan & His Problems Rock & Roll Tarantella nv?
Dean, Billy Live It Up nv M
Dean, Billy Ridin' The Rails nv G
Dee, Diana Cry My Heart nv M
Dexter, Ray Atlantic Twist nv M/Dexter
Dexter, Ray Can't Make Up My Mind nv M
Dexter, Ray Dream Lover nv
Dexter, Ray I Got nv  
Dexter, Ray Just Like You nv
Dexter, Ray You Took My Love For Granted (***)    
Douglas, Mark My Love Was Meant For You (Acetat copy)
Drysdale, John & Riot Squad I Beg To Heaven nv G
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Brer Robert (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Buckeye (***)    
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers El Rancho Rock (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Shiftless Sam (***)    
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Some Kinda Earthquake (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Summertime (***)    
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Sunday Date (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Taboo (***)    
Flee-Rekkers Cerveza nv
Flip Mama Didn't Lie nv  
Garfield, Johnny Fickle Heart nv M
Goddard, Geoff Come Lasses And Lads (***)   G
Goddard, Geoff Come On You Sinners (***) G
Goddard, Geoff Don't You Make My Baby Cry (full version ***)   G
Goddard, Geoff Don't You Make My Baby Cry (incomplete ***) G
Goddard, Geoff Guess That's The Way It Goes (backing track ***)   G
Goddard, Geoff Here Comes The Good Times (***) G
Goddard, Geoff High School Confidential (***)    
Goddard, Geoff Hushabye Baby (***) G
Goddard, Geoff My Head Goes Around (***)   G
Goddard, Geoff Sky Men (backing track) (***) G
Goddard, Geoff The Farmer's Boy (***)   G
Goddard, Geoff unidentified backing track (***) G?
Heinz Come On Let's Go nv  
Heinz Hound Dog (live) (***)
Heinz Questions I Can't Answer (live) nv  
Honeycombs I Can Tell (Something's Up) (***)
Honeycombs Goldfinger (***)    
Honeycombs Have I The Right  (***)
Honeycombs Hurricane (***)    
Honeycombs Music Train (***)
Honeycombs Santa Claus (***)    
Honeycombs Silent Night (***)
Honeycombs Somewhere Along The Way (***)    
Honeycombs That Other Girl (***)
Honeycombs Time (***)    
Honeycombs White Sands (***)
John, David & Mood It's All Right nv  
Joy & Dave Diamond Joe nv A
Kane, Paul My Fair Baby's Coming For Me nv  
Lavern, Roger & Microns Jackson's Jump nv
Lavern, Roger & Microns Red Rocket nv  
Lea & Chess Little Star (Shine On Us Tonight) nv M
Lennie & Les Snow-white Eastern Maid (***)    
Lewis, Chick With Someone Like You nv
Leyton, John Three Cute Chicks nv  
Leyton, John Looking For Someone (Who Wants Johnny?) (***)
London, Peter I'm Your Lovin' Man nv  
Malcolm & Countdowns You Stole My Heart Away nv
Meek, Joe Globetrotter (***)   M
Meek, Joe He's Mine (***) M
Meek, Joe Joe's Message To Dave & Dee (incomplete) (***?)    
Meek, Joe My Baby Doll (***) D
Meek, Joe Not Sleeping Too Well Lately (***)   M
Meek, Joe Paper Boat (***)
Meek, Joe singing on Telstar (***)    
Meek, Joe Telstar Demo [on Try Once More] (***) M [J]
Meek, Joe Valley Of/Beat Of/Waiting… (***)   D
Meek, Joe & Tornados singing on unidentified Tornados backing track (***)
Meek, Joe Orchestra Cry My Heart nv M
Millionaires Baby Can't Sleep nv
Moontrekkers Dance Legless Russian nv  
Moontrekkers Grandfather Clock nv
Moontrekkers John Brown's Body nv  
Moontrekkers Return Of The Vampire nv
Moontrekkers Sunday Sunset nv  
Moontrekkers Sunday Sunset (***)
Morgan, Davy Cocaine nv  
Moss, Jenny My Boy Comes Marching Home nv M
Moss, Jenny Please Don't Say Goodbye (***)    
Parker, Benny & Dynamics I Taught Her How nv
Parker, Benny & Dynamics I'll Tell Her How nv  
Pete & The Boulevards Lover Return nv
Pete & The Boulevards You're My Girl nv  
Puppets Three Boys Lookin' For Love nv G/M
Ramblers Take It Away (***)    
Riot Squad Gotta Be A First Time (alt. take) (***) nv A
Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive (alt. take) nv  
Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive (folk-rock version) nv
Riot Squad Walking On Ice nv  
Roberts, Kim Love Can't Wait nv M
Roberts, Kim Mr. Right nv M
Ross, Bobby Lips Are Redder On You nv M
Rowland, Dave Besame Mucho nv  
Sabres Don't Go Away nv
Saints Happy Talk nv  
Saints Parade Of Tin Soldiers nv
Saxons How Will I Know nv M/Holder/Holder
Saxons It Ain't Right nv
Scott, Denise & Soundsmen Your Love Keeps Me Going nv  
Screaming Lord Sutch & Savages Roberta nv
Spooks The Spook Walks (***)    
Starr, Lee & The Astrals Come Back To Me nv
Starr, Lee & The Astrals Walkin' With My Angel nv  
Strangers My Suzanne nv
Strangers Shirley nv  
Sutton, Lee Keep Your Sunny Side Up nv
Sutton, Lee We Ain't Giving Nothing Away nv  
Syndicats Don't Know What To Do nv
Syndicats Leave My Kitten Alone nv  
Tornados Lawrence Of Arabia nv
Tornados Bustin' Surfboard nv?  
Tornados Costa Monger (alt. Version) (***)
Tornados Death Train (incomplete ***)    
Tornados Globetrotter (incomplete ***)
Tornados John Brown's Body (incomplete) (***)    
Tornados Life On Venus (slow version) (***)
Tornados Manhunt (***)    
Tornados Mermaid (***)
Tornados Scales Of Justice (Backing Track) (***)    
Tornados (?) Phantom Hussar (***)
Tornados 64 Cyclone nv  
Tornados 66 No More You And Me nv
unknown Say Baby nv  
Wayne, Ricky Muscles nv M
Wayne, Ricky Rescue Me nv M
Wayne, Ricky Why Pretend nv M
Wayne, Ricky Hot Chicka'roo (***)   D
Wells, Houston & Marksmen We'll Remember You nv G
Wells, Houston & Marksmen When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold nv  
Wells, Houston & The Masters Little One nv
West Five/Cavaliers Alabama Jubilee nv  
West Five/Cavaliers Be Bop A Lula nv
West Five/Cavaliers Blues Stay Away From Me nv  
West Five/Cavaliers Don't You Know nv
West Five/Cavaliers Please Don't Touch nv  
West Five/Cavaliers Sea Cruise nv
West Five/Cavaliers Til I Kissed You nv  
Yolanda With This Kiss (***) D


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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(***): Demo-, nicht fertiggestellte oder sonstige Aufnahme / Demo, unfinished or other recording.

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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