They Were Wrong! - Joe's Boys, Vol. 1


GB 2007, 2 CD. Castle Records CMQDD 1457

TT: 73'59 (CD 1), 74'55 (CD 2)


  Disc 1:

Nr.      Interpret Titel Jahr
01.Leyton, JohnVoodoo Woman61-11
02.Carson, ChadThey Were Wrong63-04
03.HeinzCome On Let's Gonv
04.Cox, MichaelTeenage Love61-01
05.Cavell, AndyHey There Senorita62-10
06.DowlandsBig Big Fella62-12
07.Jay, Peter & the Blue MenJust To Late (alternate take)nv
08.Morgan, DavyTomorrow I'll Be Gone65-07
09.Douglas, MarkIt Matters Not62-10
10.Temple, GerrySince You Went Away63-01
11.Wayne, RickMuscles (alternate take)nv
12.Charles, DonGuess That's The Way It Goes62-11
13.Christian, NeilThe Big Beat Drum62-11
14.Cavell, AndyAndy63-07
15.Chakiris, GeorgeHeart Of A Teenage Girl60-04
16.Starr, FreddieJust Keep On Dreaming64-10
17.Rio, Bobby & the RevellesValue For Love65-10
18.Four MatadorsFast Cars And Money66-01
19.DowlandsBreak Ups63-04
20.ColoradosLips Were Redder On You (alternate take)nv
21.Charles, DonDaybreak63-04
22.Douglas, MarkThere's Something I Got To Saynv
23.Chris & The StudentsDucks Away From My Fishin'61-07
24.Conrad, JessHurt Me65-05
25.Temple, GerrySo Nice To Walk You Home61-01
26.Hollywood, KennyMagic Star62-12
27.McCord, RichardThe Song Of The Pine Tree65-09
28.Gregory, IainBecause61-11
29.Starr, Freddie & The MidnightersBaby Blue63-11
30.Adams, DaveDon't You Understandnv
31.Meek, JoeLong Tall Jack(***)

  Disc 2:

Nr.      Interpret Titel Jahr
01.Leyton, JohnThunder And Lightning61-11
02.Carson, ChadFool In Love (undubbed version)nv
03.Kaye, DaveIn My Way65-02
04.Vincent, GeneTemptation Baby63-00
05.Charles, DonLucky Star63-03
06.Christian, NeilThe Road To Love62-11
07.Hollywood, KennyThe Wonderful Story Of Love62-12
08.Rio, Bobby & the RevellesBoy Meets Girl65-03
09.Starr, Lee & The AstralsCome Back To Menv
10.Douglas, MarkUpside Down62-10
11.Victor, TonyThere Was A Time62-04
12.Cox, MichaelFor All Timenv
13.Cavell, AndyAlways On Saturday62-10
14.Gregory, IainMr Lovebug62-04
15.Starr, FreddieNever Cry On Someone's Shoulder64-10
16.Jay, Peter & the Blue MenFriendship (alternate take)nv
17.DowlandsLittle Sue62-08
18.Temple, GerryTell You What I'll Do61-10
19.Dean, BillyRidin' The Railsnv
20.Leyton, JohnJohnny My Johnny63-07
21.Cristo, BobbyThe Other Side Of The Track64-05
22.Ventura, TobyIf My Heart Were A Storybook63-02
23.Gregory, IainThe Night You Told A Lie60-11
24.Wayne, RickyGo On Thennv
25.Birds Of PreyI Saw Pitynv
26.Lennon, Jimmy & The AtlanticsI Learned To Yodel64-01
27.Chris, Peter & The OutcastsOver The Hill66-05
28.Paul & Ritchie/Cryin' ShamesSeptember In The Rain66-08
29.CheckmatesYou've Got To Have A Gimmick Today63-03
30.HeinzEnd Of The World65-07
31.Meek, JoeI've Been Good To You(***)


Eine der schwächeren Meek-Zusammenstellungen; eine abwechslungsarme Abfolge einiger Klassiker und zu vieler zweit- und drittklassiger Songs, dargeboten von überwiegend unbegabten Sängern (Ausnahmen bestätigen wie immer die Regel). Hört man die Songs hintereinander, fällt auf, wie stark Joe Meek die Stimmen der Sänger mit Hilfe des Equalizers auf eine ähnliche Klangfarbe getrimmt hat. - 22 der 62 Tracks werden hier erstmals auf CD veröffentlicht, darunter einige Alternate Takes.

One of the weaker Meek compilations; a monotone sequence of some classics and too many second and third-rate songs, performed by predominantly untalented singers (the exception proves the rule, as always). When listening to the songs one after another, it becomes obvious how much Joe Meek used the equalizer to give all the voices a similar sound. - 22 of the 62 songs are released on CD here for the first time, among them a couple of alternate takes.



Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(*): Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme. / Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

(**): RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt. / RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself.

(***): Demo- oder nicht fertiggestellte Aufnahme / Demo or unfinished recording

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley

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